Where to start from?

Many new developers ask the question to themself and to other fellow developers. The question is simple, for me and for old developers but, it is not easy for the new ones. Question is, ‘Where to start the journey?‘. I had the very same question when I started the journey of development.

I first became a Web Developer, I learnt HTML basics and CSS basics at w3schools.com, but I won’t recommend that website to others. They do have an editor and show some of the code. But they’re not good at explaining the code. They just explain that this code would do this. But not, why this code would do this.

I would recommend using Mozilla Developer Network, if you need an editor (currently, Mozilla doesn’t support this feature. If, when you’re visiting this page, Mozilla adds this, comment please) to test your HTML knowledge, you should go with any online text editor like jsfiddle.net. Otherwise, you can even use your very own NotePad to do this. Here is the process for that

  1. Open the Notepad in the Windows, or any other OS. Just make sure you can write the text in it.
  2. Write the HTML codes, make sure, you’re having the HTML elements properly opened and closed.
  3. Saving the file. Here is the main part, just write the file name and add the format of html or htm, like this

This would create a Browser file for you. Once you click on it, browser would load the file and will show the HTML content to you.

Pretty easy right?

Once you’re good to go with the HTML thing. Try creating something. Like a personal landing page, using all the HTML elements and other stuff like that. After this, you should go for a server-side language and Install the Softwares required and all that kinda thing. I think I had that covered in the other page.

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