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Tips for better SEO and better ranking

Now adays people are running into SEO troubles and are trying to use fake softwares and methods to get their website on the top list or the top rank in some particular keyword. Many people try to hire a programmer to program such a software that would run entire night and will keep giving their website clicks and will go back all of a sudden. Well that doesn’t work here.

In this post, I will try to explain the basic concepts; not the core concepts, of how to get your website in a better ranking stage. Being the first isn’t the bid, if you can be the first it’s a great thing for you and your business but don’t fight for the rank, fight for the better audience that you’re going to encounter. Make sure they’re relavant to your website. For example, if you’re having a website where you sell handicrafts, where as your website is having multiple keywords like, good handicrafts, handicrafts, handmade crafts and many more of this type. Then users that might search for Images of Handicrafts would also redirect to your website and would never purchase. This type of the user is not good for your business since you’re there to sell stuff not to just show it to the public.

SEO items

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What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it enables you to easily configure your website to perform better so that the search engine might understand your website, its theme and purpose and will categorize it in the correct category. There are many methods that you can use to control the SEO ranking, you can always make your web content better to allow the Search Engine understand your purpose and your audience.

This helps the Search Engine to show your website to the correct audience without any trouble. It also helps your company to grow in business and to get more users and clients.

Every company needs to have an SEO team for their company in today’s world to compete with their internet rivals. Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other Internet Search Engines are running day and night providing results to the searches of the clients. If there is a client for you, you won’t want him to go away just because your ranking was low on the Search Engine’s search results page.

What can I do?

Well, there are many options for you, you can either hire an SEO, or a team of SEO professionals to work for you. Or you can at the same time, learn the SEO tips on your own and optimize your website on your own. This will help you better understand the Search Engine and letting it understand your requirements of the audience.

Good SEO can be seen as a collection of following concepts in your website,

SEO requirements.

For a better result of SEO, ensuring good quality of these items is obligatory.

Good URLs

Search engines are smart enough to understand the links, whether the link (URL) is a dynamic (e.g., static and all that other type of page related stuff.

You need to be ensuring a good quality of URLs, make sure they’re all Query String free. In ASP.NET you can use the UrlData to ensure the QueryString is appended to the URL in the form a sub page or a sub folder and so on. Also, if must be noted that the URL and the Title must match. If I am having a Title for my website as “Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, Student, Learner” and the URL is as, “”, it won’t be a good URL, and would result in bad impressions.

Meta tags are still alive

Well most of the time the discussion is that we should not focus on the meta tags. But remember, they are still alive and are a part of HTML. We should use them where required and we should always try to make them user and search engine friendly. This would help us to get a better result on the Search Engine ranking system.

Adding good description for your web page might contain,

  1. Good description for the web content.
  2. Unique and short, but must comply with the above.

Good UI

Although Search Engines don’t worry about the CSS of your website. But still, you need to use a semantic web design to ensure that the Search Engine don’t feel anything bad coming at it. Usage of heading or paragraph element, adding button class and then using them as a list item is not a good UI. As per HTML5, the web has been semantic and there is an element for each and every purpose. You don’t need to be using the very old technique for using a div element and then styling it as it to look like a control from some other GUI.

Right now, HTML5 contains elements for almost all of your stuff, unused and not required elements have been removed from the API forever and HTML5 now has a great set of elements for you. You can use them. This doesn’t only make the developmental process easy but also explains the Search Engine that the UI is correct for the purpose it is meant for.

Linking to your website

Since a web crawler crawls each and every link that comes to its range. It is also good to add links to your own pages in the web page.

Adding these links would make sure that your pages are indexed in the web search, and that the crawler has crawled through your page.

Sharing is Caring

Yes, this motto is true and sharing is really caring. Caring for others? Well I am talking about your business here not others. When you add a social plugin where people can share your content, they’re actually playing your role, and sharing the content on the Internet. Through Google, Bing you will get more clients, same thing can be done using the Social Plugins. These plugins mostly have a built-in stats calculator that most of the companies use to determine the quality of the website to view it to more public if people love it.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many more companies have joined hands to collect stats from their social plugins and then show the content of a website to the targetted audience only.

You can use the Social plugins to perform the following actions,

  1. Allow people to share your content,
  2. Allow then to comment.
    While they comment, it adds a set of detail to your website and the product. Which is added by the audience, now you. It helps!
  3. Make sure there is no spam content there, add a moderation to your website. Search Enginers don’t like spam content.
Social buttons.

Social Buttons on your website. Designing these buttons is a really very good method for introducing the client with this feature. You can allow them to share the content.

No Spam please

No spamming tolerated on Internet.

No spamming tolerated on Internet.

We all want a free internet, for that most of the people spam their content, either by posting it on someone else’s page. By hiding the actual content behind a beautiful deal. Search Engines don’t like stuff like this. If the stuff on the page isn’t matching to the stuff in the meta tag, or the title of the page. There is something fishy going on and Search Engine will take its right and will move ahead from that page.

Using online Tools

Search Engine giants provide you with a interface that lets you work with their SEOs back end code. For example, Google provides Web Master, Analytics etc to let you see what is going on with your website and the SEO. Bing and Yahoo also enable you to do this.

Using these tools you can,

  1. View the reports for your website.
  2. Manage the reports and ranking of your website.
  3. Check which keywords and locations are liking your website and where you need to work more.
  4. They sometimes even help you out to make your website rank better.

Search engines are very intelligent, they’re hardly tricked. You can use the Search Engine to rank better, or you can try tricking it forever and failing forever. If you stay close to the objectives and the methodology provided by the SEO companies and use them to build your website, you will definitely get a good result. There is no strictness here, it is just to stay focused on your main idea and purpose of web page. If you stick to the main purpose, your website is gonna get a good ranking among the targetted audience.

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