How is strong password, a strong password?


Using the Internet, well, either that you’re a guest or you’re a member of the website that you’re visiting right now to read this post. If you’re a user, you must have logged in using a form, where you were asked to enter a password. That password is your key to your vault in the server, if misplaced, anyone can use your vault for any purpose. That is why it is mostly asked to use a Strong password and at the very same time a strong-o-meter or a secure-o-meter is also given for the user to understand whether the password that he’s using is a strong one, or not strong.


A password is a set of alphanumeric characters used as a key to let the users authenticate them self to use a service. It can be a few letters long, containing a Capital case, any integer (such as numbers) or some special characters. Making it a stronger combination of the characters in a string which, no one other than himself can know to authenticate himself. Think of it just like the code combination of your locks for the safe. If you share that code with anyone else, he can (if not surely) use that code for some personal uses, might even steal things or read confidential content from your safe.

Websites are just like safe that you use in your houses. On websites you can store your personal data, your contacts or lists that contain a To-do list. The code for the website is known as a Password. At the time of creation of membership account, the users are asked to enter a password that will be used as their key which the user would have to enter before continuing to the service to be consumed by him.

Securing the Password

Once the password has been shared by the user now it is the time for the website owners, more like the developers to try their best to secure the password. The technique they use is called “Password Hashing” in which a hash of the password is generated, which is not identical to password in any way and also it is not-understandable by the humans in any way. This method makes the password secure, not only that any human user can never read and understand the string, but in a way that this string is not convertible back to its original form. There is no chance for the user, or hacker to convert the string saved inside the database to its original form to get the code.

Tips for a strong password:

The above mentioned things are the precautionary measures taken on the service side. User is not involved in this, in any way. The hashing process is completed on the server-side. Before that, the user comes into action and it is his responsibility to choose such a password that is not directly or indirectly guess-able by others but him. This might include special characters, numbers and other alphabets collectively.

Best method to create a strong password, is to avoid usage of words from dictionary and try to make up words from common language, chatters etc. Also you must include numbers, special characters to the password as much as you can. This is why, because most of the times when the hash is generated, it can be regenerated using the same password. Including special characters, numbers would minimize this problem to occur, to prevent cracking of the passwords.

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