Five steps rule!

I was just working around a simple algorithm to create good forms that can be used for Desktop, mobile or web applications. Although this is not a very general one but a specific one for developers only — Developers are requested to contact UI and UX designers while working around. You will find this Five steps rule helpful in most scenarios. 🙂



The above image demonstrates the rule for you. I would try to explain them in a form they are meant to be explained.

  1. First of all you need to make a list of questions or items you need feedback in form of. This is the most important part of a form. If your feedback form doesn’t even provide you with enough details and answers, or if you have to create more than one form for one subject. Then it is not very much good enough.
  2. Mostly, feedback or reports are generated by software itself; logging. Software would generate everything itself. But in some scenarios you have to ask user to provide some input. In such cases you have to generate UI for him. In such scenarios, you are required to create a UI in a very compact, yet efficient manner. I have also explained this stage in a box above. Read it.
  3. You must not refrain from your UX rules. The controls and theme that you chose for your feedback pages must conform to UX and UI guidelines for your application. You should always consider testing your application for good UI and UX standards.
  4. Next stage is somewhat optional that is why it is being added as a catalyst only. Mostly targeted audience is same throughout application cycle. But, you should always consider this stage if your application has to worry about globalization and language or other requirements. But if your application doesn’t consider such changes then you don’t have to work on this stage.
  5. Final stage is the output.

To get good reports forms, you should always consider focusing on Step 1, 2 and 3 only. Making a change in Step 2 only would ensure that your application has a great form of reports page. You should always try to work around with UI and UX team to get suggestions for layout of controls and how should they be in order to get good UX and UI standards for your application.

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