Officially C# Corner MVP for 2015!

2015 has passed and the hard work is now paying off! I had been a member of C# Corner community for programmers and IT experts for like a year (12 days less!). I was awarded MVP award for year 2014 and that motivated me to share more and more content on their community.

My profile: Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, shares my experience and activity on C# Corner.

  1. 48 articles posted.
  2. 13 of which are featured!
  3. 4 blogs posted.
  4. 1 code snippet shared.
  5. 1 news shared.
  6. 1 tutorial posted.
  7. 434 times posted replies on forums.
  8. 24 of which are accepted solutions.

I am a gold ranking member, with a rank of 70th position in a community of 3+ million members. I am having 2847 reputation points and have 249.1k views on my content.

It was an honor being with them. C# Corner is a community, family and a great audience to share your posts in. I was awarded 2014 MVP award and now I am awarded with MVP award for 2015.


I am feeling very much honored and thankful to C# Corner community!

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