Recommended Tools

To begin programming you will need some tools including IDEs and compilers for your system. IDEs would allow you to write the programs, edit the problems, compile and build the projects and fix other problems if there are any before you release out the product to public. I have been working around with many tools throughout my programming life and I am willing to share my experience of IDEs with you!

On this page, I would share the IDEs and other extensions that I find helpful for me, and I hope they would help you out too.

Windows programming

No matter what, I am still a Windows lover and Microsoft geek. I began learning programming in C# and ASP.NET web applications were first that I ever made! Not only ASP.NET is the framework, but Windows is huge! There are many frameworks and platforms that you can use to develop Windows applications. They have quite a large range of programming languages for you that you can use:

  1. C++
    Win32, MFC and Qt are a few of the frameworks that (I know of) you can use to build Windows applications, yes, with graphical user-interface.
  2. C#
    Windows Runtime and .NET framework are most widely used for programming Windows applications.
  3. Other languages
    Many other languages, such as Java, VB.NET etc can also be used, as of Universal applications (yes starting from Windows 8) you can use HTML enabled applications known as Windows web apps.

For every type of Windows programming, you can use Visual Studio and I personally recommend Visual Studio for any type of Windows based programming. No matter if it is a software application or a web application. Visual Studio has tools already set up for you. You can use Visual Studio Community if you are an indie-developer or an open-source community.

Android programming

If not for Windows, I am found programming Android applications, learning more about Android and trying out something new to write about. Although when I started Android programming Eclipse was being officially supported as the IDE. I had wrote a few applications as a start up for Android in Eclipse.

But since a few months, Google has stopped investing in Eclipse and has provided Android Studio as their official IDE for Android programming. I have also tried using Android Studio and, although they are both same but additional features make Android Studio better for Android programming.

You can get Android Studio and Android Studio would get updates itself! πŸ™‚

Java programming

For Java beginners, I would suggest that you start off using NetBeans IDE provided by Oracle. Eclipse (also discussed in Android programming section) is also a great IDE for Java developers and frankly speaking if you reach intermediate level of Java experience you will prefer Eclipse over NetBeans.

NetBeans is more like a cross-platform IDE, you can write web applications in HTML 5, you can develop C/C++ applications and also PHP compiler options are present. For this reason this IDE is more like an IDE to try-it-all. Eclipse is only Java-oriented so it has more power for Java applications. Java is also used to program Windows applications, so if you do not want to use Visual Studio, you can still use NetBeans or Eclipse for Windows-based application programming. You would require to install Java SDK first.


Although these are the only technologies and frameworks I develop about. But, sometimes I also try out working around with only databases. In such cases, my preference has always been for Microsoft SQL Server, I did try using MySQL but didn’t like it.

If not MS SQL, then I am creating my own. After all, what more is a database other than a file storing the data in an efficient way! πŸ™‚ I would love to share more of my experience and knowledge with you, mostly about Windows, some about Android (sharing the data to Windows, such as web services) and a few about cross-platform user-experience.

Good news is that Windows 10 provides us with resources that can be used to program Raspberry PI. I would create a separate category for IoT and Raspberry PI for you to learn more about creating web services and IoT programming.

Stay tuned,
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan.

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