Nowadays everbody has a craze for Web Development. I don’t know what type of Umbrella Corporation is behind this viral hobby but I really need to stand up and clap for them!

Past few days, some of my friends asked me to teach them web development. Which I agreed, but my timing didn’t match up with theirs, so I came up with this idea.

Teaching Web Development online on my blog. Well I won’t be able to cover the basics about the development, you can ask me for them. Many of you already know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript or you might even have started learning some sort of Server-Side language such as ASP.NET or PHP, so you don’t need alot of guidance, all you need to know is what and how an error might be generated and a well-developed code get a bug in it.

So I will tell you about the very basics, if you find a mistake or validation error in my documents, you can ask me about them! I will fix them up! Or if you need help, you can also contact me!

Important Note!

I have found that on a website my article was found being shared and the readers were forced to create a membership account to read the article. (For example, my most viewed article on C# Corner, Understanding ASP.NET MVC using real world example, for beginners and intermediate, was one of them on their website: http://www.sswug.org/articles/viewarticle.aspx?id=77922.) I wanted to make it clear that my articles are free of cost, free from any kind of membership and free from any obliged license terms. If you want to share the content on your own website or blog. Let me know, I may ask yes if your content is free of cost and is helpful for the readers.

To readers: If you ever find my content being sold, let me know I will contact the author to remove the posts from content. Because, I have no intent of making money, or forcing my readers to create accounts on my website before they can even read the article. They’re free for you, always will be free for you!

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