Long time, let’s meet somewhere!

Hello readers, it’s been a long time for our reader-author relationship. Let us bring it to a next level now. I have personally enjoyed everyone who shared, liked or viewed my content. It is because of you that most of the content is being targetted back to this blog of mine, thank you very much guys.

Mostly I am asked questions, on programming topics, on topics about database and so on and so forth. Well, time to accept that guys I am still a beginner and a student. So I cannot fulfil your needs and apart from that I also have to invest most of my time to learning stuff, building and breaking kind of routine of mine requires a lot of time that is why I am not always available, but I try to make it up to help you.

The main thing that I wanted to blog about here is that, you should join an online community. There are many good programming communities available on the internet, C# Corner is one of such communities. C# Corner is a community created for programmers, IT experts, database administrators and computer geeks. Community has great key points:

  1. Sharing content, such as articles, blogs, links, codes and career advices for beginners.
  2. Asking questions, you can also get help from other experts on a particular framework or problem. DIrect question and a specific solution is provided to the users.
  3. News sharing forums, you are able to submit news about platforms, frameworks, companies… Or yourself! 🙂
  4. Competitions, yay! Monthly based winners are selected from across the globe who have invested their time and expertise in C# Corner. They are provided with certificates and prizes from the community.
  5. Yearly conference, where everyone is invited to come and sit together to talk about computers.

I want something from you, you should consider joining the community. The community has most of my content and I also help out inquirers online with their problems. So if you stumble upon any trouble you will be able to get a solution from there, you will also be able to get articles and blogs from me and other experts. If you enjoy reading my posts, then C# Corner is one of the places where you can bookmark my profile and subscribe to my RSS feed.

You can create a new account on C# Corner at, C# Corner User Registration. I would be waiting…

Ah, yeah, did I mention “C# Corner Conference?” Yes, there is a conference that is annual base event where C# Corner MVPs, Authors and VIPs meet and talk about different problems in computers and education sectors. I don’t want you to miss it so I suggest that you create a new account and book your seat! I would love to meet you there, reader!

Thank you.

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